Website Diagnosis

Is your website a Lemon on Google ?

The internet is fast emerging as the most preferred platform to find goods and services. In fact quite often it is the only platform used to do so too. This means your business cannot afford to be invisible online !

Having a website without a good rank or ability to create customers is a bit like having car with no fuel !

Do you know how your business is faring online ? How well is it ranking on Google and other search engines ? What are people interested in your business searching for online ? These are critical questions that need to be addressed to ensure your website is healthy and is able to contribute positively to your business.

The fact is If your website isn’t ranking well on Search engines then you are losing out on direct revenue opportunities.

The internet offers phenomenal opportunities. Are you tapping in on them ?

You’ve probably heard about the power of the internet, read about it. Now its time to experience it. We are passionate advocates of the power of the internet towards building a successful business. We’ve seen it happen time and again. The basic fundamentals of successfully harnessing the power of the internet are quite a bit like the basics of running any bricks and mortar business. The Internet however allows you to reach more people than ever before at a cost that is lower and more cost effective than ever before. If your business could do with a boost of new customers you’ve got to take action NOW !

So how do I find out if my website is performing ?

With a FREE, no obligation Webtactics Website Diagnosis, one of our experienced Web Tactician’s will look through your website in detail. Our goal will be to try and determine what is holding your website back from reaching page 1 on Google. We will also produce an easy-to-read and understand report, and arrange to meet one on one to explain the report to you and answer any questions you may have. The information we will provide will be specifically tailored to the needs of your business, ensuring you gain the most relevant and helpful information available.

Our aim is to get you significant business results within 180 days !

So What Does The Website Diagnosis Report Cover?

Some of the things you will learn in this highly informative session are :

  • How is your website performing in Google, and ways to improve your ranking.
  • What determines ranking and how can you influence it.
  • How to drive qualified traffic or visitors to your website.
  • How to analyse and use keywords to build world class content on your website.
  • We will simplify some highly technical knowledge and explain its benefits to you so that you can enhance and achieve high Google ranking.
  • A viewpoint on what can be achieved with higher ranking.

The Webtactics Keyword Diagnosis will look at a number of online performance metrics and analyse these against industry best practice. By the time we have finished this diagnosis and explained it to you in detail you will be buzzing with excitement at the thought of unlocking the true potential of your website !

You can order a Website Diagnosis right now for absolutely no cost!

Call us right away on 0272 646474 – we can’t wait to review your site !