Website Design

Your website is a powerful marketing tool. Used correctly it should generate leads and enquiries, articulate your business value proposition and engage your visitors and turn them into customers. The truth is most websites do 1 or fewer of the above. And that boils down to understanding how visitors interact with your website. A successful website is one that does 2 things and does them well.

  1. Attracts visitors
  2. Converts visitors into customers

In order to assess the above we regularly perform expert Conversion Rate Optimisation studies of web designs for our clients. Whatever their appearance, conversion-optimized designs do share some common traits, and three we consider to be fundamental.

Trait #1: It’s Usable

Usability is the underlying framework for every conversion-optimized design. Think of it this way: if a web site were a house, usability would be the building code requirements that make structures work for human beings; doors must be so wide, ceilings so high, light switches wired in such a way that they don’t electrocute you when you visit the bathroom at night. It might not be glamorous or edgy, but usability makes things safe, easy, and efficient for users.

Trait #2: It’s Persuasive

An interface can be clear, obvious, and easy to use—and still fail miserably. Why? Because for Conversion Rate Optimisation it’s not enough to be purely usable, it must also be persuasive. Usability simply paves the road—you still have to convince people to drive on it. Remember that ad about the young man wanting to hitch hike with a sign ?No ! Here goes…

Young man held up a sign that said ” Ride wanted” and waited as cars passed by with absolutely no takers. Then switched the sign to “Need to get to Hamilton for Mothers day ! ” Bingo ! Got his ride.

Communication must be persuasive and resonate.

Trait #3: It’s Properly Prioritized

A design can be usable and persuasive but still fall short of being conversion optimized. How? By failing to help visitors understand the differences between options. This challenge comes into play whenever there are multiple choices or calls to action presented on a page.

At Webtactics we’re fcussed on RESULTS ! Our website designs are created to optimise conversion. This sets us apart from the rest and assures you that we’re working towards driving Profit for your business.

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