Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising

Adwords or Pay-per-click (PPC) advertising could significantly grow the number of qualified visitors to your website. However, it is very important to realise that these potential advantages only come with a skilfully implemented and managed PPC campaigns. Poor planning and inappropriate management of campaigns could see you accruing costs without any subsequent increase in sales. Working with an experienced and successful PPC professional is absolutely essential if you wish to enjoy the following benefits.

Instant results

Pay-per-click advertising has a very quick set-up and money spent will immediately translate into clicks through to your site, which means its almost instant results

Pay only for performance

PPC advertising costs are based on the number of visitors your website receives through “click”, not the number of times that your ad is shown. This ‘pay-per-click’ model also allows advertisements to be delivered only in certain geographical area’s and only on websites with related content. This results in very targeted, high-quality visitors to your website, leading to a high conversion of visitors into buyers

Total control over your campaign and your costs

PPC advertising allow you to set upper limits on your cost-per-click and total daily spend, this means you only spend as much as you want to. This ability to set and stick to strict campaign budgets, combined with PPC’s instant results, means that you get real results in real time and stay in control all the while !

The team at Webtactics can set up and manage your PPC campaigns better than anyone else in New Zealand. Not only do we have the ability to set up and manage the campaigns we have a set of tools that allows us to report back to you on where and even what keywords brought visitors to your site ! And we can even track phone enquiries back to the keyword that generated this call !

So How do I Order this Right Now ?

How much does a Webtactics PPC consultation cost?

You can order an obligation free Consultation right now for absolutely no cost! So don’t delay – call us on 0272 646474