About Us

We’re one of those rare organisations with a rock solid commitment towards getting results for their clients as well as stakeholders.

Webtactics is a New Zealand owned and operated Website design and online marketing company with a core focus on getting businesses great results online.

Our vision is to help small to medium sized businesses generate fantastic results online using the power of beautifully crafted websites, great content, search engines marketing and social media.

Our scalable team size allows us the ability to take on multiple projects and engage with a range of customers across industries.

Why Use Webtactics?

Marketing on the internet is competitive and unforgiving!

If you are not achieving top search engine rankings, the likelihood is that your website costs have simply incurred a loss. That’s not a tenable outcome for any business.

Here are 3 rock-solid reasons why we do what we do:

We build powerful websites and then support them with Top search engine rankings achieved both organically and via paid campaigns. This mean increased visitor numbers. The number of visitors to your website is directly proportionate to your visibility online and this is directly related to your website’s position on Google and other search engines. The higher you rank the more traffic/visitors you will draw to your website. It’s a bit like locating your store in a key retail area like Broadway – Newmarket – You can be assured you will draw foot traffic by your very presence there. Webtactics are specialists in Google, Social media platforms and other search engines. We will get your website onto prime online real estate.

Your time is best spent running your business. As a website owner and business operator, there will be only a certain amount of time you have to put into improving search engine rankings. We know the Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) business and have established methodologies which enable us to be time-efficient and results oriented. This means you can now do what you do best – Run your business, while we focus on getting you more customers by improving your serach engine ranking.

We understand the complexities of Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), Social media marketing and how they impact on various types of website marketing. We’ve built this knowledge gradually. SEM is an art as well as a science. Its an art because it requires constant creativity and custom content to keep Google interested. It’s a science because its based on measurable principles. It’s the balance between having both these skills that gives us an edge.

We understand what it means to get results. Our business philosophy is based wholly around achieving them for our customers. You can be confident in our ability to drive the processes that are proven to work.

We stake our reputation and our future on your success.

Our Founder:

Webtactics was founded by Ognish Ghoshal a 20 year internet marketing veteran with experiences within the web space from the dotcom boom of the mid nineties to highly sophisticated digital models of the 2000’s. Ognish started his career in advertising while arming himself with a Degree in Commerce, specialising in management studies. The excitement of the world of communication saw him drawn to a job with a Television company. That industry was in the process of being ‘liberalised’ and Ognish could see that there were many opportunities. He says “I was captivated at the sheer opportunities a 3 dimensional medium offers.”

Ognish then founded a start-up dot com firm where he was part of the venture capital fund procurement team. After selling his stake in that, Ognish and his wife, Shanoor, packed their bags and moved into New Zealand. Ask him why and Ognish has a quick reply: “Cricket, plenty of lamb and a great lifestyle are reasons enough!”

Ognish started his New Zealand career with the APN media group. He was quickly promoted four times in six years and ended up heading the Real Estate pillar at APN where he was responsible for $30 million revenue. He headed a team of 17 and a portfolio of products across prestige publications like The New Zealand Herald, The Herald on Sunday and The Aucklander publications.

Ognish was credited with turning around the revenue results in the Real Estate pillar in a record nine months. Ognish says “It was relatively easy – I hired the right people; got the product and marketing mix right; motivated the staff and the results looked after themselves”.

Soon after this success, Ognish was poached by Jasons Travel Media – a leading travel publisher. His role was to look after the Jasons.com website , the Online Sales team and a few other products. Within eight months he was promoted to National Sales Manager with total product responsibility across the South Pacific heading over 30 different publications and managing a national sales team.

With the entrepreneurial bug constantly popping its head out, Ognish founded E-Vertex Ltd in 2008 and focussed on website design and development with a particular focus on web conversion. In this capacity Ognish has engaged with over 1500 small to medium size businesses over the last 9 years and worked on over 200 projects. In every situation he was always asked “How do I get more customers from my website ?”

Ognish, Shanoor and their son Aayan live in Auckland. Being a passionate foodie he says “I am an absolute foodie and can’t believe the range of ethnic cuisine available in the Auckland region” .Ognish is just as passionate about delivering results for his clients and is well-versed in the challenges facing business owners. Ognish’s philosophy is simple: “Its not creative, unless it sells !”.

Our operational Model :

Webtactics is a wholly New Zealand owned and operated company with its corporate head office in Swanson , Auckland.

In New Zealand, Webtactics follows an Agency model whereby we bring on board highly qualified and experienced project managers who take full ownership of their clients and work with you towards delivering your online objectives. Being business owners themselves our Web Tacticians have a sound appreciation of the challenges a business faces and also of the online opportunities that can be capitalized on. They are highly qualified internet marketing professionals who regularly invest in broadening their own knowledge and operational base so that they are able to stay tuned in to the broader technological environment we operate within.

Webtactics offers a range of Internet marketing services. Our services are primarily aimed at leveraging websites through design, content and conversion methods to getting businesses great financial or sales results.

Get found online – Call us right away on 0272 646474 and book your absolutely FREE 1 hour consultation and get to know us better!